Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Goofy Encounter

Gretchen, 67, Denver, CO
A Goofy Encounter

In the 1970s we took our three small children to Disneyland for a "Day of fun" several days before the wedding of our godson, who lived in Southern California. We lived in Denver, Colorado -- subsequently, we'd not been to Disneyland many times before.We were waiting in a long line at one of the kiddy rides in Fantasyland when Goofy came lumbering up to us... He danced around, as Goofy always does -- then suddenly, Goofy peered closely at my husband, who was holding our nine-year-old son. Goofy said, "Well, gooolly, what do you know? And what is your name, young man?" Not sure who he was addressing, both Gary and David gave their names. 

Goofy bent down took the hand of my other, younger son, and started dancing around a bit with him. Then he motioned to my son David and all three of them danced around. Goofy started laughing a Goofy laugh, patted our little daughter on the head, then again took David and Steven by the hand and led them to the front of the line of the ride. "Well, here ya go," he said. And he was off, Waving a Goofy wave at us all. The next day was a party before the wedding day for all close family and friends. Not soon after that event began, someone entered the room wearing a strange costume...with big flapping feet. He had on a Halloween mask and was smiling wide; he came up and took David and Steven and Genifer's hand and led them right over to the bride, saying, "Well, here you are!" 

Everyone laughed. He took off his mask to reveal that he was my godson -- the "Goofy" we had encountered the day before. I took my godson and hugged him. He told us he couldn't believe that it was us the day before -- he wasn't allowed to "give away" his identity on the job. That was definitely the best adventure we ever had at Disneyland.

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