Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Goofy Encounter

Gretchen, 67, Denver, CO
A Goofy Encounter

In the 1970s we took our three small children to Disneyland for a "Day of fun" several days before the wedding of our godson, who lived in Southern California. We lived in Denver, Colorado -- subsequently, we'd not been to Disneyland many times before.We were waiting in a long line at one of the kiddy rides in Fantasyland when Goofy came lumbering up to us... He danced around, as Goofy always does -- then suddenly, Goofy peered closely at my husband, who was holding our nine-year-old son. Goofy said, "Well, gooolly, what do you know? And what is your name, young man?" Not sure who he was addressing, both Gary and David gave their names. 

Goofy bent down took the hand of my other, younger son, and started dancing around a bit with him. Then he motioned to my son David and all three of them danced around. Goofy started laughing a Goofy laugh, patted our little daughter on the head, then again took David and Steven by the hand and led them to the front of the line of the ride. "Well, here ya go," he said. And he was off, Waving a Goofy wave at us all. The next day was a party before the wedding day for all close family and friends. Not soon after that event began, someone entered the room wearing a strange costume...with big flapping feet. He had on a Halloween mask and was smiling wide; he came up and took David and Steven and Genifer's hand and led them right over to the bride, saying, "Well, here you are!" 

Everyone laughed. He took off his mask to reveal that he was my godson -- the "Goofy" we had encountered the day before. I took my godson and hugged him. He told us he couldn't believe that it was us the day before -- he wasn't allowed to "give away" his identity on the job. That was definitely the best adventure we ever had at Disneyland.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Twins' Eighth Birthday

Tammy, 47, Biddeford, ME
A Real Wish Come True 

It all started with a flight credit we had to use by November 2010. I was trying to think of a trip that would not be too expensive, just because it was last minute and not preplanned. We decided we would bring our twin boys to Disney World for their eighth birthday ... and it was the best birthday and vacation we have ever had! The boys had their Happy Birthday pins and the staff was wishing them Happy Birthday. At every restaurant we went to they brought them cake, cupcakes, or ice-cream sundaes.

We stayed at the Walt Disney World Dolphin and they put balloons and chocolate cake in our room, so it was there when we got back that night. When we went to the Crystal, Pooh and friends gave each of them a birthday card. When we ate at the Swan, Goofy and Pluto did a conga line with them leading all around the restaurant!

This was truly the most magical vacation and birthday I could have ever given them. Thanks, Disney World.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Princess at Any Age

Barbara, 64, Honey Brook, PA
Disney Princesses 

In November 2008, my husband and I celebrated our third anniversary vacation at Walt Disney World.

One evening we had a late dinner at the Coral Reef, and it was a special and festive evening. When we left the restaurant the Park was virtually empty, but one of the waitstaff directed us toward the exit. As we neared the area for the buses back to our hotel three Cast Members asked if they could assist us and gave us further directions. I, being a playful person, did a little curtsy and thanked them for their kindness. One woman in this trio said, "Princesses come in all ages" and took from her pocket a LARGE "ruby" ring and slipped it on my hand. She told me to enjoy my stay and to always stay a princess at heart.

I still have the "RUBY RING" and it is one of my fondest memories of my many trips to Walt Disney World!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Born to Be a Disney Fan

Elaine, 54, Danbury, CT
Mickey Ears 

I was born December 5, 1955. I have always been a huge Mickey Mouse fan from the day I was born. How do I know this? Just look at my birth date. There is quite a bit of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse trivia there. I believe in fate, and that things happen for a reason.

I can't tell you the number of times I have been to Disney World, but every time I go, I feel that same rush. I am this big kid who feels the "Magic" every time I step off the boat or the monorail. I am turning 55 and I am hoping I can make it to Disney World for my birthday. Now THAT would be the best birthday ever!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Child's Belief is Magical

Sandy, 69, Tampa, FL
Peter Pan

My son Chris made up his mind before leaving home for Disney World that his very favorite character, Peter Pan, would shake his hand. That didn't seem impossible, but his dad and I didn't want him to be disappointed and warned him that maybe we wouldn't run into Peter while we were there. We should have saved our breath, as that was all he talked about the whole day. Around every corner, he was sure Peter Pan would be waiting to shake his hand.

The whole day passed with no handshake, and now it was time for the nightly parade. Both kids were tired but insisted on sitting on the curb and watching – and of course Peter Pan was still going to shake Chris's hand. As the parade passed, here came Peter Pan dancing down the street, smiling. He headed straight to my son, bent down, shook his hand, and danced on. My husband and I stood in amazement and Chris looked at us like "That's what we came for."

A dream really is a wish your heart makes. I've been to Disney many, many times since then and always remember that wonderful moment 41 years ago when a child believed.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Making Memories with Mom

Rachel, 29, Joplin, MO
My Dream Place ... Disney! 
In 2007, my Mom and I decided to take a trip, just the two of us, to Walt Disney World Resort. It had been a good 10 years since I'd last been there, but it seemed like so much longer. When she confirmed that the trip was booked, I could hardly believe my luck.

We met at the Wilderness Lodge since I was away at school at the time and lived in a different state. The trip seemed to have pixie dust sprinkled all over it. Mom and I had a wonderful room that faced the lobby of the lodge. Landing a prime table at the Rose and Crown was perfect for watching the fireworks at Epcot, but the best was booking lunch at Liberty Tavern. (One of our goals was showing as much appreciation toward the staff as possible – we loved what Disney employees did for us and noticed that some people never acknowledged their extra efforts.)

After chatting with the Liberty Tavern's lovely hostesses, we waited for our table. A few minutes later, they called us over and asked if we'd like to open the tavern for the day. Of course, we were totally surprised, excited, and honored to open the Tavern. It was truly a momenteous trip, a time for Mom and I to bond and make magical Disney memories – hopefully with more to come!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hidden Mickey

Jennifer, 37, Red Bluff, CA
A Son's Dream Comes True 

One of our favorite things to do at Disneyland is search out Hidden Mickeys. We have a book to point us in the right direction but always aspired to find an 'undiscovered' Hidden Mickey.

While walking through the Sunshine Plaza in Disney California Adventure, my seven-year-old son was in the middle of a sentence when he stopped cold in his tracks. He was silent. He then let out a huge scream ... "I found it ... I found an undiscovered hidden Mickey!!" There it was, in the rays of the plaza fountain.

It was all he could talk about for the rest of the trip – and he told several Cast Members of his discovery. Of course, we found out later that it had been a documented find – but it doesn't matter to my son. To him, that is HIS hidden Mickey. It is one of our first stops every time we visit the Park!
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