Monday, September 1, 2014

Twins' Eighth Birthday

Tammy, 47, Biddeford, ME
A Real Wish Come True 

It all started with a flight credit we had to use by November 2010. I was trying to think of a trip that would not be too expensive, just because it was last minute and not preplanned. We decided we would bring our twin boys to Disney World for their eighth birthday ... and it was the best birthday and vacation we have ever had! The boys had their Happy Birthday pins and the staff was wishing them Happy Birthday. At every restaurant we went to they brought them cake, cupcakes, or ice-cream sundaes.

We stayed at the Walt Disney World Dolphin and they put balloons and chocolate cake in our room, so it was there when we got back that night. When we went to the Crystal, Pooh and friends gave each of them a birthday card. When we ate at the Swan, Goofy and Pluto did a conga line with them leading all around the restaurant!

This was truly the most magical vacation and birthday I could have ever given them. Thanks, Disney World.

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