Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tim Allen -- Disney Legend, Disney Fan

"I love the people and the spirit of Disney. I love the Parks, there's so much I love. But it's the people mostly. With every project I do, it's like working with family." 

So says Tim Allen. He's a movie and television star who's had a long and successful partnership with Disney, from his groundbreaking TV show "Home Improvement" to films like "The Shaggy Dog," both "Toy Story" films, and the "Santa Clause" trilogy.

He's also a lifelong Disney fan. "My favorite Disney movie was 'The Shaggy Dog' -- it was the first movie my mom let us go to by ourselves, so doing the remake was special to me. I absolutely loved 'The Swiss Family Robinson' and 'Fantasia.' I've been a fan of Mickey Mouse ever since I was a kid." 

Maybe it's not surprising that he's never lost that fondness for Disney magic -- since, as he laughingly confesses, "I'm basically a child myself!" He claims that's the secret to his incredible success as a family entertainer, in fact. "The stuff I like is the stuff kids like. I start with things that are funny to me -- the first 'Santa Clause' made me laugh so hard. I love the North Pole, I love Christmas, and I love the idea of discovering what goes on there. That was pretty easy for me to do." 

The ultimate thrill for any Disney-loving creative artist was bestowed on Tim in 1999 -- he was inducted as a Disney Legend. He recalls that day: "That was quite an honor! I had no idea how important that would make me feel when they announced that I would be a Disney Legend. I was so proud. I put my handprints in cement and I was surprised at how choked up I got." 

That legendary career is far from over, as Tim takes to the screen as Scott Calvin -- aka Santa Claus -- once again.

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