Monday, June 27, 2011

Making a Mom's Day not so Lonely

BethAline, Daytona Beach, FL
My Dream Place ... Disney! 

I bought my first Disney pass when I turned 40 and my son was still in a stroller. We traveled from Daytona Beach to Walt Disney World at least once a month by ourselves to enjoy a day away from all duties and obligations.

One day I sat down in the Magic Kingdom to relax and enjoy an Itzakadoozy and watch the passing crowds. As my son could not yet talk, I was a little lonely that day. Of course, I dropped my ice cream wrapper and tried to catch it as quickly as possible, but a passing Disney Cast Member stopped and got it for me, making a friendly remark that perked up my day. That helpful contact made me realize that I was not truly alone and I felt a warm fuzzy feeling that I associate with Disney World to this day.

That friendly encounter gave me a reference point. Now I make it a point to wish button-wearing people a "Happy Birthday" and enjoy talking to park Guests about the best parts of Disney – where to eat, great rides, where to make sure you get a Fast Pass, and other important information that makes a Disney day the most magical. Walt Disney World is home to me and my son and we always have "happy hands" when we drive through the entrance! A little kindness has gone a long way.

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