Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Surprise Ride Saving our Day

Jim, 43, Acton, MA
Fireworks light the sky behind Cinderella's Castle. 
Our story took place in Disney World two years ago when me, my wife, and our two daughters (along with friends and their son) were trying to get to Disney's Hollywood Studios on time to see the late showing of Fantasmic.

Our schedule was very tight, and we arrived at the transportation center just as our bus was leaving. As we stood there fully deflated, one of the employees approached us and asked what was wrong. As we explained our plight, he listened but then walked off, seemingly indifferent. To our amazement, a luxury motor coach pulled up two minutes later and the same employee told us to board the coach and that the driver would take us to the Studio! We were all stunned and grateful for his help. What an awesome Disney representative – we made the show with time to spare!

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