Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Guess Where We're Going, Kids?

Jill, 36, Philadelphia, PA

Our family is fortunate enough to have visited Disney several times, mostly right before Christmas. This year we weren't sure that any trip was in the cards. However, in early September we started looking into things and found great airfare and accommodation prices during Halloween. We booked the trip and were going to leave on my son's ninth birthday.

We didn't tell the kids, letting family know and working with their teachers to get their assignments done in advance. We told my son we had to have his birthday party a few days early because I had a business trip to go on. We had our family over and got a cake that simply said "You're Going to Disney." When we sang to him and showed him his cake, he read it several times and didn't quite get it Then all of sudden it dawned on him and my daughter – they went crazy! They got to leave bright and early Wednesday morning and had the best time on Halloween, trick or treating at Mickey's party.

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